San Diego environmental and toxic exposure lawyer Jeff LaFave settles sewer gas and hydrogen sulfide case for $1 million

San Diego environmental law attorney Jeff LaFave has recently settled a case involving a family exposed to hydrogen sulfide for $1 million.  Mr. LaFave specializes in environmental law litigation involving building related illnesses and indoor air quality problems, such as toxic chemical and mold exposure.  The current settlement involved a family which was exposed to intermittent and low levels of hydrogen sulfide (sewer gas) in their home which resulted from a construction defect in the sewer vent system in their luxury condominium.  All four family members suffered health symptoms, but the youngest child developed the onset of asthma.  Once the problem was fixed, the health symptoms dissipated, except for the one child with asthma, but the problem was not correctly fixed for almost a year and a half.  The suit was brought against the builder, the developer and the subcontractor who installed the defective vent system. The case was primarily defended by Paul Nolan of Wood, Smith, Henning and Berman.