San Diego Superior Court Approves $550,000 Settlement in Mold Exposure Case Brought by Tenants Against a Landlord and Won by Attorney Jeff LaFave

On April 8, 2011, the San Diego Superior Court approved a settlement of $550,000 for a personal injury lawsuit brought by tenants against a landlord.  San Diego mold lawyer Jeff LaFave won the mold exposure settlement in the case of Platt v. Doe.  LaFave brought the lawsuit on behalf of a mother and her baby boy, against a landlord who had rented them a house in Lemon Grove, which suffered from long-term roof leaks.  LaFave was able to settle the case for $550,000, part of which will fund annuities for the boy, and those annuities will pay out an additional $400,000 when he is an adult.

In the lawsuit, plaintiffs alleged that the roof leaks and water damage resulted in mold and other conditions which worsened the mothers pre-existing asthma.  Plaintiffs also alleged that the mother gave premature birth to the baby boy because coughing caused by her worsening asthma caused her water to break early.  The boy suffered from a number of health issues as a result of being born severely prematurely, including having to spend more than the first two months of his life in the hospital.